What is it?

GradeView is a widget for uploading and sharing grades with your students. The instructor manages the course grades using Excel (or their favorite spreadsheet software). To create a gradebook or view grades in GradeView you will need a valid MSU Net ID. To upload the gradebook you'll need to come to this site. But you can embed the gradebook in a web page anywhere (D2L, Drupal, Wordpress, etc) and students can view their own grades right in the course site.

Get started today


January 31, 2016
  • We've updated GradeView to make it easier to use on a wide range of devices and resolutions. It also better matches MSU brand standards.
September 14, 2011
  • We have a few instructors ready to use the tool for their courses. If you're teaching a course at MSU and are interested in using this tool for your course let us know!

How to use GradeView

  1. Create your gradebook in your spreadsheet software. We recommend that you put in dummy grades for yourself so that you can see things the way students would. (Download Sample Gradebook)
  2. Log into GradeView and "Add New Gradebook"
  3. Copy and Paste the Embed Code Snippet for your gradebook into one of your course webpages.
  4. Give students the link to the page where you embedded the gradebook.

Take it for a test drive

Want to try it out, but don't have an MSU Net ID? Use the "Login As Guest" button at the bottom of this page to load the Sample GradeView as a student would see it. You can also add and edit gradebooks using the guest login. Please note that whenever anyone logs in using the guest account it is wiped clean.

To see an example of the student view .
Sample GradeView GradeView Gradebook